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Women & Children’s Emergency Homeless Shelter

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Macedonia Baptist Church Quilting Ministry

September 20, 2022
This incredible group is the Macedonia Baptist Church Quilting Ministry πŸ’™
God planted a seed in their hearts when they heard about My Sister’s Keeper πŸ’™ They had no idea I had been praying for someone to provide homemade quilts for our beds.
When I was a little girl I moved around quite often. The one consistent home I had was my Grandparents home. Grandmother always had homemade quilts to cuddle up with. It always made me feel safe and loved. We want the women and children who enter our doors to feel safe and loved with usπŸ’™ These women, these quilts, their hearts are proof God hears our prayersπŸ’™ One step closerπŸ’™
Before they placed them in my care they prayed over them. Those prayers are mighty. We are so grateful for each one of them. I can’t wait to go back and visit. They are Angels right here on earthπŸ’™
We love our KEEPER FAMILY πŸ’™


  1. Pam Bivens

    What an incredible blessing!

  2. Pam Bivens

    Will you also be providing your pocket prayer quilts to My Sister’s Keeper? Perhaps one to put in each of their personal pouches? I remember seeing them at your quilt show.


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