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One Kentucky Couple Meets & Gets Married in Local Homeless Shelter

January 26, 2022

Today is National Spouse Day and we want to celebrate by sharing love stories.  Angel here and I’m sharing the story of how I met my husband, Joe.


You know how you watch those Hallmark movies and the people are never looking for love that’s seriously kind of how it happened.  You know all the feels of Hallmark but in a homeless shelter.  I wanted to start giving more of my time to volunteering so I started praying about where to go.  I had several people tell me I should go and volunteer at St. Benedict’s which is a local homeless shelter here in Owensboro.  I wasn’t super comfortable with that because it’s an all-men’s shelter and didn’t think it was a good idea.  An important part of the story I feel like I need to add (I am a person of faith) if you know me you know.  Many days I ask God to put people in my path that need prayer or need to know about him.  One July day in the summer of 2014 prayed this prayer and went about my day.  Now if you know the Lord you know he’ll sometimes give you exactly what you ask for in only a way he can.  He’d never send me a person that needed prayer quietly or someone I knew.  It was always a random person in a store or running down the road and I’d be tested to answer the call.  On this day he showed up big.  I was inside Walgreen’s with my son Tucker and as I walked out of the doors there was a man standing by the trashcan.  When I passed him I had this undoubtedly urge to pray for him.  I resisted.  I argued with God and then finally I placed my son in my vehicle a few feet away, started it, and locked the door (he was safely strapped in his car seat and I could see him).  I walked over to the man and said “Hi my name is Angel, and I was sent to pray for you” his eyes got really big and I said, “oh no I’m not an Angel LOL that’s my name”.  He told me who he was and began to cry as he told me his mother was sick with cancer.  We prayed and I turned to go.  He stopped me and said he’d love to see me again where he lived (wait for it).  I said ok hesitantly and he said “At St. Benedict’s Homeless Shelter”.  You see it was no coincidence I was there that night.

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